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So many good reasons

We are big enough to cope with the demands of any business but small enough to really care and recognise our clients’ needs.

We understand

We accommodate all pocket sizes and our experienced and friendly sales team would just love to talk you through the process.


We pride ourselves on consistently outstanding customer service and that's exactly what each and every one will get, you are important to us


From Advans to Adbikes and Promo Staff we are a one stop shop for all you outdoor media needs, if we don't have what you are looking for give us a call and we will do our best to source it for you!

Campaign Management

We will provide a campaign manager to coordinate everything on the day, proof of display, full accountability, Social media and more so really just relax and wait for that phone ringing.

Coolbillboards Ltd

At coolbillboards we not only take campaigns to the next level by allowing clients to fully interact with their target market we also add a different dimension by pushing the envelope in terms of innovation and technology.

Mobile Billboards

We do get asked..
How many people will see my advert?

This is not an easy question to answer as it all depends on location, day, time of the day/year, the weather – the list is endless. What we can tell you is that this is the most effective way of getting your brand noticed and your message out there aside from TV, however, we cannot be turned off, walked out on or switched over!



"saw this lastweek on a popular route for office workers to get some lunch! Very clever positioning"

- Lauria Perfect@LaurieTOAD - Twitter -

Social Media

All Campaigns Supported

Stand Out

Cool-lite 48

The cool-lite 48 is a backlit mobile 48 sheet poster site on the back of a customised vehicle, the vans also have the capacity to support a rear panel for 3 sided coverage!!

Cool-Bike 6

Wonderfully designed to zip about town centres and other locations where perhaps a larger vehicle cannot access, and if you’re doing your bit for the environment then the cool-bike 6 has great "green credentials"

Coolbillboards Ltd

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David Jones

Company Director

Kim Whyte

General Manager

Trevor Kerr

Fleet Manager


Campaign Drivers

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